Islamopolitan ’16 | Opening Night

Moza Almatroushi from Maraya Art Centre invited me to take part in the traveling exhibition, Islamopolitan, which is an exhibition curated by Giuseppe Moscatello which showcases artworks and design items that explore the harmonious relationship between design and today’s cosmopolitan world in which we live. I revived a “ritual-station” that I explored during my studies at Iowa State University with the most speculative professor and critical thinker, Pete Goché. It is a modular panel that repeats to create a freestanding wall, in this case it is used as a praying space divider, hence the name Masallah. The design of the joints and the fabrication technique was improved so that it can come apart, get flat-packed and shipped elsewhere and set up again for the next show (to be in Eidenhoven or Cape Town). I made an Installation Guide for anyone to be able to install the partition. It is now in the permanent collection of Maraya Art Centre and will be developed to be sold in their design store: 1971 Design Space. Below are images of the opening night in CAP, Kuwait on November 12th 2015.