Select // Maker Issue – Materials Landscape Mapping

Select is a journal of the best in local creative talents in Kuwait. In January 2017 I was asked by WTD magazine, editors of the Maker Issue for Select, to produce a mapping artwork that visualizes the material sourcing, manufacturing and sale by product designers from Kuwait. It is interesting to see that some people source their materials from the North America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia, the craftsman are from Asia, Poland, Turkey, Italy, USA and Lebanon, and products are sold to France, Italy, UK, USA, Japan, Saudi Arabia and UAE. The artwork also has a chart of the quantities of craftsmen nationalities in relation to one another, and a chart of Kuwait’s labour force as per the Central Statistics Bureu 2014. The designers were interviewed and the materials used in their top 3 products are shown.

Select and WTD found the illustration representative of the issue and therefore made it the cover of the issue and included it as an animation in the documentary video. The book was published and exhibited on May 1st 2017 at the Contemporary Art Platform in a booth that Select asked me to design where I made the display cases out of copper tubes, one of the most popular materials used by the product designers.