Odd Relation Between TV Shows & The Love-Hate Phenomenon

There is a TV series called Big Mouth, which, by the way is very odd. Without riddling through the details, it is a show about a bunch of adolescent kids journeying through puberty and all its bodily surprises, and surprisingly, it is not for adolescents, but for adults, for example, there is an episode in the 1st season called “A Requiem for a Wet Dream”, a reference to Darren Aronofsky’s masterpiece. Anyway in that episode, a character makes his debut, Rick, the hormone monster, who I didn’t think much of. In the 2nd season, however, Rick was ever-present. I liked the show, and when I watched the 2nd season where Rick was in almost every episode, I hated him; I thought he was a badly constructed character, half-baked, cringe-worthy. After I while, thinking about the show, one of the memories was of Rick, and how he had a funny catchphrase “What are you gonna do?”, it grew on me, I then re-watched the show just to see Rick, and I loved him, tremendously.

Second show where I had a similar reaction was ‘Derek’, I loved Ricky Gervais from the 1st episode, it was a great show, and I hated ‘Kev’, as equally bland and bismal a character as Rick, a year later I have a mental reminisce, and guess who jumps out as hysterical . . . Kev. I recently re-watching the show just for him.

This is a very new phenomenon to me, the closest thing that’s happened is finding certain buildings charming over time, like a library, or a convoluted building I frequent, or an artwork that I stare out long enough until I see the beauty in it. All these though were initially perceived as interesting or at least decent, but these new cases started as unappetizing or flippant and ended as admirable and beloved. When I think about beauty, what makes things beautiful and in what way, I recall Elaine Scarry’s ‘On Beauty’, which unravels beauty in all its archetypes, one of which was an anecdote of the horrendously ugly experience of someone who lived with a family for a week, who were un-hospitable people, the place reaked of a stenches and odours, and the food was likened to pig food but more bitter, that person was George Orwell in The Road to Wigan Pier. The outcome of this experience was somehow positive and I never understood why, but now I sort of do, whilst still entertaining the possibility that these phenomena are unrelated.

And here’s a freebie, Lil’ Dicky, who I was introduced to with his video ‘Pillow Talking’, and thought was the lamest, weirdest most banal rap video I’ve ever seen. Now, he is up there with my favourite rappers, and I’ve memorized the song fluently. Another one is ‘Steve Chance’ in ‘Cuckoo’, I’ll stop now.