Chocolate Wall

My older brother, Faisal AlNashmi, is a chef, after graduating from culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu he spent half a year brainstorming gastronomical ideas and half a year presenting them in a private fine dining experience called Experimental Eatery. During this time his storage room turned into his office, and he asked me to create something out of the wall behind his desk, his only request was to showcase some of his precious items on shelves. I thought this was a unique opportunity to work with a chef whom I find to be very creative, so we had a few conversations until we decided on using liquid chocolate, which would harden to be a hard and durable product, and spray it on the wall so that it would drip. The chopped wood was my way of gradually adding texture to the flat wall.

So, I installed the shelves, then Faisal boiled a bar of chocolate and added some oil and water until it was viscous enough, we then put this in a spray bottle we usually use for cleaning windows, sprayed the wall, and then installed the chopped wood ‘bricks’.