Sami Mohammad Retrospective | Installation

During my time as a freelance architect in Kuwait, the curator of CAP at the time, also one of the greatest Arab artists and a dear friend of mine, Abed AlKadiri, invited me to be his assistant for what was the most important art exhibition in the history of Kuwait, Sami Mohammad’s retrospective exhibition. Mohammad is indeed one the most recognized artists in Kuwait and has an history in the art world that spans 40 years. He started studying art in Kuwait and continued his studies in Egypt and after that he founded The Free Atelier in Kuwait and began exhibiting worldwide and making art for several collectors. He also produced monumental patriotic sculptures that were destroyed during the Iraqi Invasion in 1990 which made him overly protective of his treasured artworks and memories, from nude paintings to basalt sculptures to letters he received from friends, artists, collectors and government officials. This exhibition was curated to comprehensively by the now full-time artist, Abed AlKadiri, the full experience was organized chronologically based on the stages of the artist’s life, from his time in Egypt, to the invasion’s reaction to the modernist-Sadu paintings. Some sculptures were in the possession of private collectors who gladly accepted to loan the pieces to CAP for the exhibition. I developed a 3D model for the full exhibition to keep track of all the 140 pieces, their locations, and it allows us to try out different options and envision the space without physically implementing it, which made the process much more efficient. One of my projects was to design display cases for the letters, instead of the typical display cases where u look down, I thought it would be more experiential to stroll by the hanging letters, weightless in space like lingering memories.