Table Otto

My brother, Faisal Alnashmi, is a well-renowned chef in the Gulf region, known for his restaurant St. and his experimental dinner events where he creates very experimental contemporary dishes. He – along with his partners at Almakan – was opening a restaurant in the newly opened park designed by Ricardo Camacho with TAEP and Stroop landscape architects. The team commissioned me to design the centre piece table of the restaurant, the community table, a concept that was implemented in St. to bring a new style of eating out in Kuwait. The other restaurant seating was selected as half marble tops and the other half would have wood tops and the mural on the wall by Italian artist Basik was already complete. So I took inspiration from the gold rhombus in the mural and considered the polarity of the two materials on either side of the table, the three elements combined created something I find to be very special, a marriage of materials. It is a ceremony of food as much as it is a ceremony of marble and wood. The marble is slim and elegant and the wood shows off its ability to play with the third dimension, the brass binds them together.