The Nature of Space – Brazil to Kuwait | Talk at CAP May 11th 2016

During the period of the exhibition curated by myself, Antonio Da Silva and Ruth Jones, Antonio and I gave a talk in the gallery about two main topics: 1| The journey of the exhibition, how it began by Antonio inviting artists to exhibit in a gallery in Porto Alegre, Brazil and how it came to Kuwait and grew as an exhibition. 2| The relationship between art and architecture and how it relates to each artist in the exhibition since a quarter of them are architects and the remaining artists have a strong relationship with space. This was opened up for debate at the end which ended up being a very lively discussion between artists, architects, students, and other professionals such as business managers at oil companies, it was interesting to hear all the strong opinions about whether architecture is a form of fine art or not and how each of them had validity.

Lecture Poster | The Nature of Space - Brazil to Kuwait

You can find the presentation in the link below:

The Nature of Space_Brazil to Kuwait